Besides laundry and feeding my kids, I’m primarily a writer. But as you know most poetry doesn’t pay much and novels take awhile to write, so most writers have day jobs. So I am a Freelancer.

But really what I am is a Finder.

A Finder?

Yep. See below.

I find the right words.

I can craft or copy-edit whatever words you want to put out in the world. I’m the person who sees your mistakes and is willing to say something.

I specialize in English-to-English Translation, but I can also translate most Nederlands into written English — for instance for a website or a letter.

Unfortunately I no longer use a cool typewriter like this one. 🙁

I find answers.

I can find just about anything through research. Give me a topic, and I’ll find answers.

Take this photo below, at first glance it looks like a library or a museum, but really it’s Amsterdam Centraal — a train station.

(I mean, it does say Amsterdam Centraal right there above the doorway.)

I find solutions.

I get to the bottom of and find solutions for problems in your business whether through researching (see above) what tools you need, setting up databases, even data entry.

It’s kind of like I got to the bottom of this Rosemary Mojito.

(Alcohol is a solution after all.)

Need me to find something for you?

If you are interested in working with me, please be in touch at Katie (at) canvasmoth (dot) nl.

(Als je me in het Nederlands schrijft is dat geen probleem.)

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