My publicly available writing can be seen in the blog posts describing my last zine project as it was being made: make1left.com


Most of the editing I do is for private individuals or small businesses. Most of this work is for individuals who have a high competency with English as a spoken, but not written language. Please contact me privately for examples of this work.


Most of the research I do is for private companies internal use, and it cannot be shared. However, below is an article I researched for a friend who is allergic to common cold & allergy medications but still needed relief from colds & flus.

(I will insert the link again after I update it for COVID-19 disclaimers.)

Work with me?

If you would like me to consider your project, please contact me at Katie (at) canvasmoth (dot) nl.

(Als je me in het Nederlands schrijft is dat geen probleem.) 

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